A Colorful Connecticut Christmas- Living Room Tour

My Christmas decor has evolved a lot over the years. My first memory of a Christmas tree was from the 80's. We had a white tree (yes, white!) that my mother meticulously decorated with victorian looking ornaments like fans and birds all in pastel colors. Let's just say it was VERY 80's. The white tree eventually got the boot and we started to bring real trees in that were decorated with a mish-mosh of crystal ornaments mixed with my sister's and my hand made creations. When I finally grew up and moved out on my own, I had a definite opinion on how I wanted "my" tree to look. I was living in an apartment in Manhattan and wanted the tree to be sophisticated and chic. I focused on all metallics and mixed gold, silver and bronze into a sparkly delight. 

This year marks another new beginning for me and my family. It is our first Christmas living back in Connecticut. It is also the first Christmas that my 2 year old daughter really understands what it going on. She is so excited about Christmas and Santa and it has made me feel like a kid all over again. With that said I have only one goal in mind while decorating this year, and that is to make it magical. I want my daughter to walk downstairs on Christmas morning and think that the sugar plum fairy has been dancing around our house all night. Sophistication is the furthest thing from my mind at this stage, I want COLOR! 

So below is a tour of our Holiday living room. It's colorful, it's quirky, and I think it feels down right magical. Hope you enjoy!

xx   Kate


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