Garden Party

It's that time of year again. That magical moment in Connecticut when the flowers are in bloom, the sun is out late, and the backyard becomes our living room, dining room, and playroom all wrapped into one. Now, I know you may be thinking... isn't your site called Kate Smith INTERIORS?!? Yes, yes, title police you are correct. But the backyard is such an extension of the home, I think we can make an exception just this once, right? 

I'll start by saying that I adore our backyard, but I know it isn't "perfect". We eventually want to repoint the entire patio. I also know that the grass will never be technicolor green and there will always be some weeds because I am a firm believer in natural lawn care; my toddler and dog practically have competitions on who can roll the most in the grass so I need to make sure that stuff is 100% au naturale. Weeds and all, compared to my 10 years of city living, this backyard is an oasis! When my husband and I were first looking at this house, we walked outside for the first time, put our then 1 year old down on the grass to toddle around and we looked at her, and looked at each other and knew that this house had to be ours. I swear my husband would have made an offer regardless of what the inside looked like because he loved the yard THAT much. Luckily for me, I also fell in love with the charm and character of the house itself! I also lucked out that the previous owner had a major green thumb and left us with a beautiful border garden surrounding the entire property. It is chock full of low maintenance perennials which means very little work for me, and lots of color all spring and summer.

So what do recovering city dwellers do when they get a backyard in the suburbs?! Entertain, of course! I love to throw a good party and whether it's just dinner for our family, or full blown bash with all our friends, I love celebrating in our little eden. Today I'm sharing pictures of our base outdoor set-up that we use all summer long. It's filled with shades of green, and of course some blue and white touches. I like to keep the design simple so that the focus can be on the natural beauty of the yard itself. Besides, who wants "fussy" when it's summer time?  To me, it's all about bare feet in the grass, rustic food, delicious drinks and great company.  I hope this inspires you to get outside in your own yard!