A DIY Christmas

This Christmas the elves in Fairfield decided to get creative and transform two IKEA staples into something a little more colorful. 

Building IKEA furniture can sometimes be a nightmare task in and of itself, so I wanted to keep the design updates for these super simple. Below I will walk you through a basic blueprint for what I did, but these can truly be updated a million different ways. 

First up, the DUKTIG play kitchen

This is what the kitchen looks like when assembled per the manufacturers instructions. Photo courtesy of IKEA

This is what the kitchen looks like when assembled per the manufacturers instructions. Photo courtesy of IKEA

My daughter has always loved playing with this kitchen when we've gone to friend's houses so I knew it would be a perfect gift for her. I wanted to make a few little tweaks though. Here is a list of the supplies I used:

Spray Paint - You can pick any color you'd like. I used paint and primer in one because I'm lazy efficient. I chose to only paint the natural wood parts and leave the "appliances" white, but you can paint any and all of it you choose.

Contact Paper- There are so many selections of cute prints and colors these days. I love this navy greek key, but if you want the true look of a kitchen, marble or wood contact paper would work great!

Foam Board- This goes behind the unit and creates the backsplash.

5" Drawer Pulls- I honestly think this is what makes the biggest difference when upgrading the look of this kitchen.

And after these little tweaks, the final result was:

My daughter absolutely loves it! She started "cooking" with it the second she walked downstairs Christmas morning. (Full disclosure, the second she saw it she actually ran over and said "I need coffee" which made me feel like mom of the year. I guess I must say that A LOT!) Overall, for the small extra investment made for supplies, and minimal extra work put in, I would say this DIY was a total success!


Next on Deck was the DUKTIG doll bed. My nieces each got American Girl Dolls for Christmas, and so I thought a sweet doll bed would be the perfect gift from Auntie.

Photo from IKEA

Photo from IKEA

This was an even simpler DIY as the only work I really did was to spray paint it! I ordered custom doll bedding on Etsy and then added a monogram decal to each bed so that the two girls could tell them apart. It was so simple, but really made a big difference. The end result:

As much as we're all looking to simplify our lives around the holidays, I would definitely do these two projects again. They were both so easy, and the smiles we got on Christmas morning were well worth any extra effort. I'd love to hear about your DIY projects this season. Drop me a line below, or shoot me a message here.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this Holiday week with family and friends!

Best wishes for a bright 2017! 

xx Kate